Season Identity for Free Word

For the Winter Season of Free Word I was wanted every character in the scenes to have a resemblence to the season. With the organisation hosting a huge number of events, I chose to create several characters to represent each event that would all combine to create the packed busy crowd scenes. In total I created over 60 characters for the season which were used for posters, social media icons, website banners, all the way up to 4m tall window displays.

FreeWord Banner
FreeWord Kinder JusticeFreeWord Boujie Lanres Boulangerie
FreeWord Green New DealFreeWord Tough Loving Care
FreeWord Window Display
FreeWord Fishing Money Gif
FreeWord Audio Media BannerFreeWord Podcase Media Banner
FreeWord Video Media BannerFreeWord Blog Media Banner
FreeWord Title CardFreeWord Poster Design
FreeWord Hospitality Gif